Commercium is a Brazilian company working in the commercial field of importation and exportation.

The company is registered in Maceió, Alagoas, with its headquarters and commercial offices in São Paulo and Pernambuco, and performs the nationalization and distribution of goods within the whole national territory.

Commercium has brought to its administration experienced and qualified professionals in the field of foreign trade, supplying complete advisory services to its clients, offering solutions that integrate management and logistics.

Transparency is our main characteristic, aiming at a good relationship with our clients, preserving trust and credibility, always having the quality in mind.
Develop operations and services in international logistics, meeting the needs and creating value for our customers and society.
To be a company recognized for excellence in service, with efficiency and profitability, contributing to the growth of Brazil.
Commitment, integrity, respect, determination and focus on results
Commercium performs imports to third parties, through the operations by request or behalf and upon order of a third party, and has several own operations in specific markets, such as nautical and civil construction.
Commercium performs exports for its customers, helping small and medium enterprises to develop new markets, generating foreign exchange for Brazil.
International Logistics
Commercium studies and develops always a safe, fast and efficient international logistics, and can remove or deliver cargo anywhere in the world. Partnerships with big international sea and airfreight companies allow us to always provide fair and competitive prices to our customers.
National Logistics
Commercium can still perform all logistics management of imported and already nationalized cargo, indicating the best warehouses and transporters for its customers. After nationalization, Commercium can make the distribution of goods or delivery at specific locations, such as the customer's industrial plant.
Commercium performs procurement service, which is a service for finding suppliers and negotiating the acquisition of goods, services or works from an external source, acquired at the best possible cost to meet the needs of the prospective purchaser in terms of quality and amount, time and place.
Supply-chain Solutions
Commercium also serves on the constant supply of industrial raw material, organizing orders, shipments from various suppliers, always delivering products to the industry as combined with client. A door-to-door operation, and the customer can integrate its inventory with the system of the trading, in pursuit of more efficiency.
Other Services
- Customs clearance (nationalization, import license, exceptional tariff, bonded warehouse operation, authorization for the importation of used machines).
- RADAR (acquisition of limited or unlimited RADAR for its customers and conducts the contract registration in Brazilian IRS).
- Registration of new products (processes in ANVISA, MAPA, ANP, INMETRO, etc.)
- Temporary Admission (for testing or demonstration events)
- Outsourcing of the foreign trade department of the customer
- Search by sales and commercial representatives
- Consulting in logistics, customs, tax and Foreign Trade
Civil Construction
This is the main line of business of Commercium. The trading imports at the request of customers, has its own products, delivers the request of exporters and introduces new brands in Brazil.
A) On request: Truck cranes. Drilling machines. Railway tracks.
B) Own Products: Building maintenance and cleaning equipment. Provide for large projects (such as flooring, lighting, products for kitchen and bathroom to complete buildings).
C) At the request Exporter: Machines and equipment from various suppliers to one customer (procurement service)
D) Introduced Products in the Brazilian market: Drilling machines, tower cranes, road cleaning machines.
Industrial Machinery
This is the second most important market for Commercium offering complete logistics solutions for industries under construction, multinational companies newly installed in Brazil, and large industries in the process of renovation of its machines plant.
A) Industrial water treatment machine
B) Construction blocks manufacture machine
C) Plastic injection molding machine
D) Plastic extrusion molding machine
Industrial Raw Material
Commercium also performs as needed imports of industrial inputs, typically for small and medium manufacturers who had their RADAR limit achieved or that need new investments in their financial operations.
A) Welding machines and its inputs
B) Polyethylene
C) Railway Axles
D) Automotive Parts
Consumer Products
Commercium imports products for consumers, always through an operation ordered by the final customer, have clients importing electronics, mobiles, food, decor products, backpacks, wine, lamps, fitness equipment, dietary supplements, among others.
A) Food products, as olive oils
B) Backpacks and notebook cases
C) Mobiles and other electronics
D) Fitness equipment
Vehicles And Yachts
The Commercium has a segment reserved for luxury products, having already imported cars, motorcycles, boats, yachts, ships, helicopters and small airplanes.
A) Wakeboard boats
B) Luxury yachts
C) Equipment for yachts
D) Motorized water board
E) Marine Engines
F) Luxury cars
São Paulo
Rio De Janeiro

Procurement trading nos EUA

Embragen Bonded Warehouse in Brazil

Procurement trading na Europa

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Procurement trading na Coréia do Sul
Av. Dr. Antonio Gouveia, 61 – sala 202 | Pajuçara – Maceió – Alagoas – Brasil | CEP: 57030-170
55 - 11 - 3768-5319 | 55 - 11 - 98111-6314
Avant Première Absolute Yachts no Brasil
9/10 e 16/17 de agosto, 2014
Em primeira mão para clientes VIPS e imprensa, apresentações dos barcos do estaleiro italiano no país
A ONE Yachts elaborou uma programação especial para os próximos meses.
Iniciando em agosto, a Tedesco Marina em Balneário Camboriú será o palco do primeiro encontro.

Datas: 9/10 e 16/17 de agosto, 2014.

Acompanhe nosso site e aguarde, em breve, mais informações.
Mariner Boat Show. Um grande evento em São Paulo
3 a 06 de setembro, 2014
Mariner Boat Show reunirá em São Paulo os principais estaleiros do Brasil e do exterior, de 03 a 06 de setembro, no Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi.
A ONE Yachts confirma sua participação na primeira edição do evento.
Programe-se e venha conferir pela primeira vez em exposição nos grandes eventos do Brasil, os barcos italianos, Absolute Yachts e Comitti Group.

Modelos confirmados em exibição:
Absolute 45 FLY e 56 FLY
Comitti Sport 28 e 34

Informações do evento
Data: 03 a 06 de setembro
Local: Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi
São Paulo/SP

Site oficial do evento:
Exposição no Guarujá. Absolute Yachts e Comitti
19/20/21 e 26/27/28 de setembro, 2014
Depois de um grande evento, a ONE Yachts continuará com as ações em pontos estratégicos para apresentar as novidades ao mercado náutico.
Meados e final de setembro, a região do Guarujá receberá os modelos italianos.

Barcos confirmados em exibição:
Absolute 45 FLY e 56 FLY
Comitti Sport 28 e 34

19/20/21 e 26/27/28 de setembro

Marina Supmar
Av. Maria de Oliveira Chere 140 . Complexo Industrial Naval do Guarujá/SP

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Exposição em Bertioga. Absolute Yachts e Comitti
10/11/12 e 17/18/19 de outubro, 2014
Finalizando o roteiro em São Paulo, a Marina Capital será cenário das visitas aos desejados barcos italianos.
Em outubro, a ONE Yachts chega em Bertioga, situada no Jardim Indaiá.

Com acesso fácil, a Marina Capital deixa sua embarcação em frente ao mar e você ao lado de tudo.
O Cantão do Indaiá (ao lado do Riviera de São Lourenço) é um lugar de águas tranquilas, especialmente escolhido para o lançamento das embarcações na região.

Barcos confirmados em exibição:
Absolute 45 FLY e 56 FLY
Comitti Sport 28 e 34

10/11/12 e 17/18/19 de outubro

Marina Capital
Caminho do Capão, 240 - Jardim Indaiá - Bertioga/SP

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